The PaperPal - photographic equipment

The PaperPal - photographic equipment

The PaperPal - photographic equipmentThe PaperPal - photographic equipment

Photographic Background Paper Support System 

Manufactured in the UK

Background Paper Support System

Background Support - One Stand

Holds photographic background paper...

...With just one stand

Quick and easy to erect.

Bye Bye 2 stand set up! 

photographic equipment 

backdrop stand 

photography backdrops photo background

Background Paper Support System

So simple it's genius...

This unique background paper holder is essential kit for photographers.

Great piece of EQ for the studio and for use on location.

Perfect solution for when you find yourself in a tight spot.

It's also fantastic when you need extra bounce/diffusion/reflection.

Easy to use.

Now you can put up background papers single handed and super quick.

The PaperPal easily supports a 4ft 6in roll and it's also robust enough to handle 9ft paper backgrounds. 

A decent stand is required for a 9 footer.

100% Positive Feedback 

Background Paper Support System

Easy to transport

Lightweight & portable.

Fits neatly into your stand bag.

Using The PaperPal

                                    Watch Art put up a background and be ready to shoot in under 5 minutes

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You'll wonder what you did without it...

The PaperPal Background Paper Support System